Oil & Gas

Integrated subsurface solution provider from Seismic to Well Services.

New Energy

Renewable energy and embrace Net Zero Emission race


Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligent, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data.

Construction & Trading

Expert in buiding, road and infrastructure construction. Goods trading, instrument, engineering tools and bring value to the client.


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“Oil and Gas will remain steer the world energy sector. However, moving forward (10 to 30 years) from now, energy mix will be critical and new energy will take over for the decade to go. Richgeo position ourselves in this transition era and put the feet in this corridor of change.”

Dato’Jalil Bin Muhamad
MD/CEO/ Founder
Richgeo Venture Sdn Bhd

Core Value : Solution.Expertise.Integrity

Solution and result driven bring us a step above other competitors. We believe with CORE VALUES, integrity, honesty and knowledge based will make us become an ULTIMATE choice to our client and partners, worldwide.

Ultimate Solution to the Client and Partners

Richgeo offers Integrated Subsurface Oil and Gas Expert consultancy and services, Smart Partnership-Technology and Services with world class partners, New Energy to support net zero agenda, Digitalisation (IR4.0) embrace with future technology,  Construction and Trading with professionalism and efficient.

Our Services


Subsurface Study Solution

We are a subsurface integrated solution company with over 20 years of experience. Our solution-driven by technical expert came from different subsurface world-class backgrounds. Our specialists in Geophysics, Geology/Geomodelling, Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Production Technology, Economics, Drilling Engineering and Facility Engineering.

Our Study Solution :

  • Field Development Plan (FDP)
  • Full Field Review (FFR)
  • Resource Assessment (RA) and Data Room Review
  • Exploration/Basin Study
  • Reserve certification and Audit
  • Facilities Engineering Study

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Geoscience Solution

We are an agent to ensure our principal (seismic vessel provide) business grow in this region especially Malaysia.

Our service is to provide :

  • Tender , proposal, market survey preparation.
  • Market Intel, business outlook.
  • Client engagement, technical sales.

We provided dedicated business development services to ensure our principal's product and business well taken of.

  • We provide QC, arrange , analysis, digiralize log, maps, any reports and store in proper space to ensure easy to access.
  • Our data management Petrolhysicist will ensure all log data, formation evaluation info, report, previous interpreted log is well taking care of.
  • Our geoscience data management will ensure all seismic data, log, previous correlaton, reports, interpretation and etc is well stored for easy access.

  • Our in-House specialist geological modeller have vast experience in FDP, FFR, Development project with various client. Ability to model complex geology give additional value to solve client's issue.
  • We provide a solution with providing various level of Geomodeller and have over 20 years of experience in the area. Principal Geomodeller, Staff Geomodeller, Senior and also Junior to support in order to speed up the progress.

  • We are agent or partner for the service provider. Our role is to ensure our principal service well marketed in the region.
  • Our service include but not limited to preparing tender and proposal, sales, marketing, market intel, client engagement and continuously provide technical and business input to our partners.

  • Seismic data acquisition survey design software.
  • Seismic processing for bulk or special software.
  • Geobody and imaging.
  • Seismic interpretation software.
  • QI, Rock Physics and Inversion software.
  • Petrophysical and Formation evaluation software.

  • We provide solution for pore pressure analysis and geomechanics study.

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Petroleum Engineering Solution

Reservoir Engineering Solution

Richgeo offer full range of Reservoir Engineering spectrum:

  • Reservoir Engineering Study
  • Reservoir Engineering Surveillance
  • Reservoir Engineering Software
  • Reservoir Engineering Technology

Our team will always exceed the expectation of the client through the effectiveness of the communication, competent engineers at various levels, and perfect tools to conduct the work. We are always up to date with the latest technology to ensure we're ahead of the solution.

Production Technology Solution

Production technology is the key part to ensure our client's field production is at optimum rate. Our offer is from study to execution and planning. Our technical expertise and technology is world class and always exceed expectation.

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New Energy

While we believe Oil and Gas is still in demand in the energy mix era, we are fully embedded with the new energy which produce less carbon for the environment. We're fully support the effort and work towards net zero emission while oil and gas is still contributed to our main revenue stream. Our business line are :

  • New Energy : Solar and wind energy
  • Alternative Energy : Hydrogen, Geothermal
  • Carbon Capture and storage (CCUS)

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Digitalization (IR4.0) Smart Technology Innovation Partnership

We’re fully embedded with industrial revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) and subscribed with digitalization agenda to ensure less human intervention, increase efficiency in oil and gas business and also in energy business in general. We’re looking forward any partners to work together with us to ensure we fulfilled this agendas.

Areas that we’re looking to venture:

    • Artificial intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) for any new technology or revolution that will create a value to the client in Malaysia or this region.

    • Data Science and BIG DATA- Analytical data that will change the game on how we manage the data (Geological, Well and Petrophysical, Reservoir, Production) or any new energy data, we keen to collaborate with you and ensure your technology is well known in Malaysia through our marketing and business development support.

    • Smart technology- drone, robotics or any kind of software that use AI/ digitalization technique.

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    Data Management

    We provide solution Data Management (Geoscience and FE)

    • A group of data management expert and senior work together to ensure client's data well taking care of and will work in the client office (proprietary data).
    • We provide QC, arrange, analysis, digitalize log, maps, any reports and store in proper space to ensure easy to assess.
    • Our data management Petrophysics will ensure all log data, formation evaluation info, report, previous interpreted log is well taking care of.
    • Our geoscience data management will ensure all seismic data, log, previous correlation, reports, interpretation and etc is well stored for easy access.

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    Manpower Business

    We provide Manpower to support client to deliver the work and task. Our manpower covering from junior position and up to Custodian or consultant level.

      Subsurface manpower:

      • Subsurface Manager
      • Geologist 
      • Geophysicist
      • Petrophysicist
      • Reservoir Engineer
      • Production technologist
      • Petroleum Economist
      • Facilities Engineer
      • Well Services manpower
      • Drilling Superintendent/ Supervisor
      • Drilling engineer
      • Drilling support
      • QA/QC Seismic Acquisition Onboard
      • QA/QC Navigation Survey

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      Geological Fieldwork

      We provide geological field trip for young and/or experienced Geoscientist and Engineers or non-technical oil and gas personnel.

      Our professional services will be end to end concept :

      • Scoping
      • Logistics arrangement.
      • Location, scouting and pre-lim visit.
      • On site guide- Professional Geologist will do full explanations on site.
      • Material.

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      Training, Mentoring and Coaching

      Our consultants, with range of experience from 15 to 45 years is well verse in their area. Our concept of learning is a mixture - Lecture + Coaching + mentoring to ensure participant well educated and able to absorb the whole concept of what they are learning.

      Training area:

      • Subsurface - from Geophysics (Seismic), Geology, RE, Petrophysics, Production Technology, Drilling, Facilities Engineering.
      • Software - G&G and PE.
      • Sales and marketing training.
      • Data science, AI, ML, DL Training.

      Coaching and Mentoring area:

      • E&P training.
      • Drilling simulation.
      • Geoscience-Seismic interpretation, QI and geomodelling.
      • Reservoir Engineering-Simulation.

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      Malaysia is a developed country and our contribution in construction business is to build the infrastructure including public road, building, public park, sport center and commercial infra.

      We are a G2 (CIDB) registered and have full range of license with our associate from G1 to G7 ranging from MYR 500,000 to MYR 500 Million of infra.

      Our service also provide:

      • Manpower
      • Construction consultancy
      • M&E service
      • Tender and contract preparation
      • Engineering and design

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      Trade with trust is our motto and we walk through it as our core principle.

      Our trading spectrum :

      • Food trading.
      • Retail.
      • IT and computer related.
      • Medical device.

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      Our Team

      Dato’ Jalil Bin Muhamad P.Geol, D.I.M.P

      Managing Director/CEO/ Founder

      Obtained a Bachelor Degree of Science (Hons), Applied Geology in 2002 and is a goal-driven Business Manager with strong technical, Sales & management background. Overal  20 years' experience in strategic and tactical business leadership.

      Area of expertise includes Subsurface Technical (Geoscience), Project Management, technical sales & business development.

      His ability to drive the business and also expert in Profit and Loss management, people management, preparation of high-quality tender and technical commercial proposal  as well as well verse in project management.

      Born in Kedah, year 1977and  have passion in energy business as well as strong vision to bring the company to be the world class energy and digital service provider.

      Dato' Jalil Bin Muhamad

      Project Director/ Geophysics Specialist

      Total of 20 year's experience in Oil and Gas. His background as a specialist Geophysics (seismic interpreter) and also as project manager for more than 10 projects give additional advantage to ensure project moving at the right technical standard. Experience in PETRONAS and also with UZMA Bhd, and work with various client, locally and international. Have strong business development, mix with technical give him additional advantage to steer the company direction.

      Maharon Jadid

      Technical Advisor

      Expert Petroleum Engineer with 45 years in oil and gas business. His strength is in Production engineering and expert in the production technology. Renowned Custodian with extensive experience in Drilling, Completion, and Production Operations. His solid background with PETRONAS, Shell and top service companies in Malaysia give an additional advantage for him to steer the study team and drive to the execution.
      Izman Hamid

      Geoscience Advisor

      Have 30 years of experience and expert in both Geology/ geomodelling and geophysics, exploration and development. Have hands on experience in all G&G study from Resource Assessment, FDP, FFR and block evaluation. Have work in various E&P companies also with top service company locally and international. His experience as principal Geoscience will steer the G&G work to the international industrial standard.

      Ahmad Maidinisar

      Data Management Specialist/Geophysics

      Highly experienced Data Management Specialist with 38 year's experience in oil & gas corporate data management (data analytics, mining QA/QC, harmonization) having worked internationally in 14 countries and 29 sites. A major part of his experience is in the area of data harmonization services on corporate petro-technical databases. During the early part of his career, he worked as a Geophysicist performing data acquisition, processing and data interpretation for seismic acquisition projects.

      Ahmad has designed a 3 year BDM program (Bachelor in Data Management) with comprehensive course modules covering the theory and practice of data management. In addition, he has also authored 2 books on data management which are commercially available and used by Data managers and administrators. He offers bespoke consultancy services on Big Data and Advanced Data Management including the setting up of Corporate Data Repository Centers and Database design.

      Noreehan Shahud

      Geophysics QI Specialist

      Vast experience of about 23 years working in oil and gas industry as geophysicist specialized in seismic interpreter. Excellent in all geophysics interpretation workflow as well as seismic acquisition and processing workflow. Skilled in 2D and 3D structural and facies mapping, 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic structural and attributes analysis and Qualitative interpretation; ability to analyse attributes such as waveform classification; spectral decomposition and coherency/similarity.

      Mohd Talmizi Sanek

      Geology Specialist

      Has a Petroleum Geoscience Master Degree from University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Talmizi has 15 years of domestic and international experience in oil and gas exploration. Being both as geophysicist (seismic interpreter) & geologist and worked in various type of basins and has experienced with clastic, carbonates and basement reservoirs. Has a good technical competency and several hydrocarbon discoveries have been working on Malay Basin, Sarawak Basin, India Basin and Myanmar Basin with solid background on Block Evaluation and Prospect Maturation. 

      Our Presence

      Our headquaters is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our presence is through Smart Partnership and Collaboration with other Oil and Gas, New Energy, Digital Company in the region.










      Our Partners

      DUG McCloud - Cloud Computing

      • Customer-focussed, collaborative cloud solution that allow you to McMix and McMatch our high-performance compute as a service (HPCaaS), professional services, and software to suit your needs.

      A Seismic Quantitative Interpretation Solution Provider

      • Seismic Interpretation - QI
      • Rock Physics
      • Inversion
      • Petrophysics

      A Facilities Engineering & Engineering Design Company

      • An international manpower company in the oil and energy industry. The aim is to manage talent for sustainable growth, in order to build intimate relationships of enduring value.
      • Main service is Facilities Engineering consultancy.

      The world’s most reliable and efficient petroleum economics software

      • R3 Economics is the core product of our modular based system. This industry-leading oil and reserves asset manager delivers production forecasting, and the financial information essential for risk analysis and optimizing cash-flow from drilling programs.



      The Energy Future

      The world will need much more energy to power homes and fuel transport for a growing population with rising living standards. But to counter climate change, energy must increasingly come from lower-carbon sources. Our know-how, technology and innovations are helping to deliver more, cleaner energy.

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      Renewable Energy

      As the world heeds the call of ‘more sustainable energy’ and ‘less carbon’, Renewable Energy (RE) has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sources of energy generation. RE is anticipated to be the largest source of power by 2040.

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      Energy and Innovation

      Energy is vital to our daily lives. Over the coming decades, more people will gain access to energy and enjoy higher standards of living. At the same time, climate change remains a serious concern. We use human ingenuity, innovation and technology to unlock more, cleaner energy for the years ahead.

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